My Zazzle Store has Posters/Prints, Mugs, T-Shirts, Binders, and much more! A lot of my work is directly Customizable there. If an image that you're interested in isn't there, or isn't on the right item, or you'd like a color change etc., let me know.

My eBay store occasionally has Limited Edition signed & numbered Prints with Certificates of Authenticity, signed ACEOs, and so on.

Commissions -I am available & the cost varies.
My Portrait Adoption creations tend to be less expensive since PA pictures let me follow my muse.

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Phoenix Dreams Elf girl holding Phoenix
Black and White Bridge over pond full of reflections of trees at Choate in Connecticut.
A little blue kitten with a white tail tip and a large ball of purple yarn.
White Butterfly or brown moth with eye son the wings sitting on hanging grassy moss
An autumn tree with a ray of sunlight striking it.